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Est. 2017

Pegalo Pictures founders Eli Kooris & Joshua Shaffer have been writing partners for the past decade, creating and writing on numerous film and television projects across the entertainment industry. In television, they have sold original series to studios and networks like The Sundance Channel, USA Network, Sony Pictures Television, Dimension, eOne Entertainment, NBC International and MTV. On the film front, they have been hired for a number of feature film rewrites by companies like Automatik, Voltage Pictures and 42 Studios London; and recently sold their first original feature DEVIL'S PUNCHBOWL to Keshet Studios, adapted from the Los Angeles Magazine article "The Deputy Who Disappeared." 

In addition to writing and creating their own projects, Kooris & Shaffer have worked on countless outside projects in all stages of production, both in film and television. To date they've produced content for NBC, USA, Travel, Lifetime, Fox TV Studios, SyFy, Hulu, Imperative Entertainment, Ovation, A&E, and many more. 


In 2017, Kooris & Shaffer founded Pegalo Pictures to truly and fully bring their work (and other fine creative visions) to life. Over the past two years they have written, directed or produced award-winning short content that has screened in theaters around the country, as well as two feature films that will be premiering in 2019. 


Numerous other film and television projects are currently in development.

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